Event Specific Nutrition Programs

The perfect complement to your training routine and secret weapon in preparing for your next important event!

If nutrition has never been at the forefront of your previous event campaigns, then get ready to experience how fuelling with purpose can propel your journey to the next level. Our online race and event specific courses are premium all-inclusive packages designed to work synergistically alongside your training program and holds the key to your best performance by encompassing all you need to know about nutrition for your sport.

We come on board as your Nutrition Coaches every step of the way, and look forward to seeing you all get more out of your training by fuelling right!

We are only working exclusively with coaches and training facilities to create online sports nutrition courses ranging from 8 to 26 weeks to compliment training programs leading into key events and races at this moment.

Projects we have collaborated with include:

  • Perform 360 Challenge (8 weeks)
  • Project DadBods (10 weeks)
  • TriNation 70.3 and Ironman Triathlon (16 weeks)
  • Monsta Creations Natural Body Building Contest Preparation (24 weeks)
  • Galeforce Half Marathon and Marathon Racing (26 weeks)

An example of course inclusions* based on your specific event;

  • Fundamentals to Athlete EatingĀ 
  • Sport Specific Meal Plan
  • Macro-Specific Recipes
  • Sport Specific Supplement Guide
  • Perfecting Training & Racing Fuel
  • Sweat Rate Analysis & Hydration Guide
  • Personalised Race Nutrition Plan
  • Community forum managed by Sports Dietitians
  • Video blogs on a multitude of sports nutrition topics such as;
  • Food sources, preparation and athlete meal planning
  • In the markets, shops & kitchen demonstrations
  • Training nutrition principles (for performance & recovery)
  • Achieving ideal body composition
  • Race planning & carb loading
  • Evidence-based sport-specific supplements of benefit

We are working to release these to the wider athletic community very soon, in the meantime If you are a coach or training facility owner, please contact us if you think sports nutrition can benefit your clientele to work synergistically with your exercise programs and ensure every member of your team has access to key sport specific nutrition prescription to help them excel in their given event.

*NB this list is suggestive and entirely customizable to your event and organisation. Prices will vary dependent on course duration, content and number of participants. Please contact us directly for a specific quote at info@iperfromancenutrition.com.au .