Seems fancy but should be accessible to everyone!

It’s the principles that govern sports nutrition that we need to be translating into home cooking for optimal results.

My recipes are all designed with this principle in mind, you can expect easy, nutritionally dense family friendly wholefood recipes that will ensure you are eating to fill your tank, unlocking your productivity potential and supporting your activity and lifestyle.

It is entirely possible to superfuel your pantry without expensive ingredients and supplements!

Stay tuned for my exclusive superfuel workshops and video demonstrations where we bring to life easy ways to transform your performance kitchen and take a peek at your superfuel recipe collection!

I loved this workshop. I am a busy, working Mum and often struggle to fuel myself to not only work and be a Mum but to train! This workshop not only addressed the benefits of healthy eating in regards to overall health, but outlined the importance of eating to fuel performance in the gym as well as throughout the day. I have a much greater understanding of how to eat the right food, in the right portions at the right time. I loved the fact the focus of the presentation was not in relation to counting macros, weighing food and calculating exact calories. It has given me a sense of freedom in meal planning that fuels not only myself but my family. The meals were delicious and it was wonderful knowing that the ingredients can be sourced so easily and not just in 'supplement' stores. Thankyou Ange!

S.APerform Kitchen Workshop