Train & Eat Like A Girl Should For Impactful Results eBook


It may not have occurred to you that as a woman, you house a unique set of chromosomes which means you shouldn’t be following nutrition or exercise advice designed for men.  If you have ever struggled to understand why you just aren’t feeling some exercise sessions over others, why you crave carbs leading into your period, why you can’t lose body fat around your mid-section despite dieting and exercising or if you have no idea how your body can use its unique menstrual cycle to get the best out of your physiology, then this book is for YOU! Learn the flaws in most diet and exercise guidelines that have historically ignored the nuances of the active female and generalised advice based on male data and unleash your super female powers to finally train and eat like a girl should for impactful results!

Take a crash course in female physiology 101, learn how to ‘periodise’ your nutrition at key times based on high or low hormone states, cycle sync your training to translate to better performance and find your ‘flo’ state to surpassing thought patterns that have held you back.