Sport Specific Meal Plans

We combine our sports science nutrition expertise with your individuality, to come up with YOUR PERFECT PLAN

Because there is no single dietary prescription that provides the path to perfect health and improved performance for everyone, your perfect diet will look different to your best friends, your sisters or your partners diet. Your perfect diet is dependent on you!

Our sport specific meal plans offer a specific nutrition guideline on how to best fuel your performance with the flexibility of food variety for those with an underlying goal of decreasing body fat

What you can expect from your purchase:

  • A meal plan designed to complement your sport
  • A meal plan with exercise-specific nutrition prescription
  • A meal plan with macro-specific portions for optimal recovery and fuel
  • A meal plan with real super fuel foods to maximise micronutrient intake
  • A meal plan that aims to decrease body fat but still support training efforts
  • A meal plan with hydration strategies
  • A meal plan that has Aussie supermarket-friendly suggestions
  • A meal plan that is enjoyable, sustainable and healthy
  • Even better, bundle up your core meal plan structure with our array of Athlete’s Kitchen Recipe eBooks which ALL work interchangeably with your meal plan portions so you NEVER get flavour fatigue!

How we are different from other “diets”

We despise “cookie cutter” plans as there is not one meal plan that fits everyone. This is why we don’t align ourselves with any one ‘diet’ – all nutrition philosophies have their merits, thus we are not massive proponents NOR detractors of any single nutrition philosophy: paleo, vegan, pescetarian, low FODMAP, omnivorous, traditional or gluten-free (the list goes on…) eating styles all have their place.

The unfortunate problem with the diet philosophy – when implemented to the letter of the word – is most likely an extreme, and unsustainable on many levels (this could be due to any number of factors – food preparation time, feelings of deprivation, inadequate food to continue with your usual activity & concentration levels). However, most diets tend to get more right than they get wrong – so we like to support all eating choices, but we are pedantic about applying sports nutrition science to practice!

Your sport specific meal plan allows you to mould your food preferences into your dietary choices whilst still being prescriptive.

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What our clients have to say

Thankyou so much for your nutritional planning and guidance as I’ve strived to improve my ability as an athlete. I now know just how important a role nutrition plays not only during races, but also in the months of training beforehand.

With your assistance I’ve not only seen my 100km race-day performance improve by over 6 hours but I’ve also felt healthier, happier and more confident in lining up for future ultra-endurance events! I’d thoroughly recommend you to any athlete looking to move up to the next level of performance.

Mik GNorthFace100 Competitor

Followed the race nutrition plan from last year and all went really well at Noosa. Did a PB of 2:30:07. My previous best at Noosa was 2:32:35 in 2006. I’ve been trying to crack 2:30 for 5 years now. Nearly got there but for a fall with the bike in transition which must have soaked up around 10 seconds. Never mind, there’s always next year. Also running PB’s at present – largely due to the weight loss I believe. It’s amazing how people keep telling me, a year after I last saw you, that I’m getting skinnier. I don’t think so and I weigh around 78kg. Feeling great.

David RTriathlete

Sally was recommended to me by some fellow runners who couldn’t speak highly enough of her. So as a vegetarian, long distance runner with a history of eating disorders I had very high expectations. I am very happy to say that Sal far exceeded those expectations and not only helped me achieve goals that I never thought I could achieve but also has provided me with the tools that I can continue to use for the rest of my life.

Romy MDistance Runner

You have fully converted me into knowing that aside from the training – nutrition is the most important factor in the race. To have taken 10 mins off my Mooloolaba time this year & to have done the Ironman so comfortably (don’t tell my coach) & to feel so good after the race is a testament to how much you have assisted me.

Andrew CIM Triathlete
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