When I became engaged I was filled with dread at the prospect of having photos taken that would be looked upon for a lifetime. I had a young daughter, was breastfeeding and really struggling to fuel my body correctly whilst keeping sufficiently active, balancing mum life and battling sleep bankruptcy.  I had previously worked with Ange to reach some body composition goals so I again turned to her for help. Even though this time my goals were more aesthetic than athletic I knew that with her knowledge and skill set I would be wedding ready. 

With Ange’s guidance, I totally transformed my body. She coached and educated me about evidence based nutrition, applying her extensive knowledge of scientific principles to aid me to exceed my body composition goals.

Following the nutrition prescription from Ange I was able to gradually and sustainably lose fat whilst gaining muscle and improving my performance (in terms of general strength and conditioning). Fuelling my body correctly gave me more energy to get active yet I never had to compromise on food/meal variety or flavour and (much to my surprise) was never hungry. It was nothing short of nutrition wizardry. I was wedding ready and gained a wealth of knowledge to ensure the health and well being of myself as well as my family. Words cannot express my gratitude.  

Big love beautiful soul x – ES

Ange!! I don’t think I’ve ever thanked you nor know how to thank you enough for the help and guidance you’ve given me over the last few years. I’ve spent quite some part of the last few months reflecting on my journey and realising that this has been more of a mental and emotional journey (maybe roller coaster) than a physical one. I can now honestly say I have reached a place where I am happy to just be. I don’t think I could have got nearly close to this place without your strategies and constant positive affirmations and help.

I think the point I came to this realisation was when for about 2 weeks in a row I didn’t have to stop and worry about what I was going to put on to go to work in the morning or to the gym. I think it has helped that I now feel comfortable with my body and my body image… I don’t have to push certain clothes to the back of my cupboard anymore!!

I also recognise that this is an ongoing journey and there are still days that I don’t feel amazing but I know that you have given me so much support to know that these days are few and far between.

So, again thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so grateful to have such a strong, supportive network of positive people who are so knowledgeable and passionate in their work.

Much love – KS

Thank-you so much Ange, your nutritional guidance has made a huge impact on my performance!

You have been amazing in helping me find balance between performing at my best, staying lean and not sacrificing muscle mass as well as still enjoying my busy family life!

After a nice long Christmas holiday and new goal setting I am extremely excited to continue working with you! – AS

Say hello to “Noosa tri – team nutrition”. Angie wears many hats in my life and they all look amazing on her. But the best and most important one is, the headmaster of ensuring that this little machine is fuelled right to meet all my training demands. I’m pretty excited to have my race week nutrition plan already. It says I have to nip into a bakery and eat lollies!!! No arguments here! – SS

Thankyou so much for your nutritional planning and guidance as I’ve strived to improve my ability as an athlete. I now know just how important a role nutrition plays not only during races, but also in the months of training beforehand.

With your assistance I’ve not only seen my 100km race-day performance improve by over 6 hours but I’ve also felt healthier, happier and more confident in lining up for future ultra-endurance events! I’d thoroughly recommend you to any athlete looking to move up to the next level of performance. – MG

You have fully converted me into knowing that aside from the training – nutrition is the most important factor in the race. To have taken 10 mins off my Mooloolaba time this year & to have done the Ironman so comfortably (don’t tell my coach) & to feel so good after the race is a testament to how much you have assisted me. – AC

I’ve been seeing Ange now for over 7 years and having her insight and meal plans has given me the basis to push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of in swimming.

Over the years trying new events and shifting focuses between short distance pool racing to long distance open water. Particularly challenging having Type 1 Diabetes. Having put a big focus on my food intake is really the base for any of my successes.

My highlight has been scoring a bronze medal in the 5km Open Water event in the World Masters Games in 2017 in New Zealand. Ange is instrumental in my next goal of transitioning to 10km+ Open Water racing and her advice is invaluable. – NP

WOW!!! I have never read a meal plan and had tears roll down my face. This is amazing, this is so personalised, this is where I believe my journey only becomes better and much more nourishing.

You are super amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for agreeing to see me, it’s been years in the making but the time is now so right.

Ready to start this today- especially the no eating in car.

Thank-you lovely – NC

I have been seeing Angie on and off over the past 4 years, initially I went to see her for confidence in my eating, I wanted to be  confident  that I was eating enough to fuel my CrossFit but have the right balance that I would have minimal body fat and not second guess my food choices. Angie understood my needs and I started my journey with her. Over the years she assisted me through half marathons, training through pregnancy, breastfeeding and then my most recent endeavour of competing in AWNBS as a fitness model. This was something that I had considered for a long time but was never quite ready for the challenge that I knew it would be. 23 weeks ago I went to Ange and said “right lets do this, I want to get on stage” a challenge that I knew would push me to my limits and take me out of my comfort zone, motivating me to train but I also knew I needed her to be with me so that I could have 100% trust that I was doing it properly and as healthy as possible. I am a high school HPE teacher, a mother of two and I run a house alone as my husband works away, I train daily and cannot compromise my energy levels or afford to run at a depleted level.

Angie was the right person to assist me with my goals, she is caring, personable and she knows her stuff! To start with I felt as though I was eating more, I ate healthy and interesting foods, she changed and adjusted my meals as needed and was with the me the whole journey. My strength never wavered and my health was never compromised.

My body dropped fat at a steady and consistent rate, with Angle monitoring every change along the way. IT was not until peak week (10 days out) that my diet drastically changed but even then it was enjoyable, I tried new foods and found exciting new combinations. 

Thank you to her and her support, I was able to go on and win both the categories that I entered and feel fantastic. I now have to make my journey back to a more manageable physique and I know she is there to support me along the way. I have the upmost respect and faith in her and I performance nutrition and I look forward to more goals achieved together.- GC

Where would I be without you!! Thank you for keeping my body healthy, happy, and hormonally balanced.

Thank you for dealing with my constant questions and peanut butter separation anxiety.

You are a scientist, this has been my experiment and I am forever thankful for the kindness and effort you have made to teach me, keep me informed and bringing me to this point where I can now hit reset on my body and my relationship with food. Thank you. – BK