Nutrition to Soar

Uncomplicate nutrition for a high performing lifestyle

Accredited Sports Dietitian

I have worked individually with clients for over a decade as an Accredited Sports Dietitian implementing the science to practice and I have built a unique method of assessment unlocking your individual needs to succeed when it comes to using food to for a high performing lifestyle. My professional accreditation means I am a nationally recognized leader in sports nutrition and exemplifies my commitment to always ensure my practice is heavily grounded in the available science. I am professionally insured and able to prescribe nutrition therapy based on clinical diagnosis.

You DO NOT need to be an elite athlete to deserve elite nutrition! Whilst I have worked with all levels of athletes from avid gym goer right through to elite transformation there are many foundational principles that if applied well to the individual make up the majority of sustainable results. I am compassionate and attentive to your needs as a whole person and excited to show you how nutrition can help you soar through a purposeful life!

Female Physiology

My passion for the active female came from listening to my clients struggle as they entered their late 30’s and started to notice their lifestyles and physiques were changing. Their responsibilities were mounting, their bodies weren’t functioning optimally, their exercise was suffering, and their diets weren’t providing them with the right fuel to thrive.

My investigations led to unveiling how much of sports nutrition prescription was underpinned by studies in males and how our professional recommendations in many ways did not consider the nuances of the female cycle. I am now completely focused on staying relevant with the emerging research that helps my ability to make impactful changes to diet and exercise specifically for females who are seeking nutrition prescription for a high-performance lifestyle. I am here to listen to your journey as it’s the most important one when designing your own diet and unlock your female superpowers!

Private Coaching Application

N=1ON1 Nutrition to Soar is a completely personalised nutrition coaching program. This is a 3-month (minimum) experience where I get to know you on a personal level and cover all aspects of deep health – including values identification, specific nutrition meal planning, recipes tailored to your preferences & goals, macro and micro nutrient analysis of your diet, accurate body composition and progress measures, sports nutrition and supplementation prescription, direct contact with your medical professional, trainer or coach (if necessary), exercise guidelines for cycle syncing, successful habit change initially with structure then a hefty toolbox for you to take forth into implementing sustainable lifestyle nutrition principles and the last “diet” you will ever need. This is an empathetic fully tailored experience which is why it is imperative to assess the suitability of our working relationship to ensure I am the best practitioner for your needs.

NB you DO NOT have to be an elite athlete to qualify! Elite nutrition should be available for everyone – in fact the best results are from health-conscious women who are seeking the missing piece in bringing together their optimal lifestyle on their terms with a highly experienced, industry qualified professional!