Nutrition to Soar

Uncomplicate nutrition for a high performing lifestyle

Thanks for landing on my perch!

My name is Angelique Clark, I’m a Performance Nutritionist, Sports Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist.

I’m a Franco-Australien (Aussie with a strong French ancestry!) living in Brisbane, Australia. I’m married to a fellow health and performance enthusiast Jason Clark (of Perform 360) and mother to two active boys.

It’s my biggest passion to help you uncomplicate nutrition so you can access ultimate performance, in your activity and in life. When you take a bird’s eye view on your health you see a whole world from a limitless perspective. Are you ready for your nutrition to soar?


Some of my clients include

Nutrition Coaching

For women wanting to work with their physiology, enhance their activity and seeking sustainable results to support a high performing lifestyle.

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For businesses seeking to up-level and inspire high performing lifestyles for their staff or members

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Performance Fuel

nourish your body for ultimate performance